Afrovibes talk: generations about ‘Black’

With Francio Guadeloupe, Ernestine Comvalius & Loyd Marengo

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What does the word ‘Black’ mean for different generations of Black people? How has the word developed in meaning? Black, as a term to refer to people of African ancestry, has a rich and political history, from the Black Power movement in the early 1960s to the Black Lives Matter protests from 2020.

There have always been different ideas about the word within discussion about colour and racism. Has its meaning changed over time and in its translation to ‘Zwart’ within the Dutch context? Time for an in-debt conversation between different generations.

About the speakers

Ernestine Comvalius (1954) has been part of the anti-racism movement since the ’60, first in New York and then in the Netherlands. She is one of the initiators and former director of the Bijlmer Parktheater. Currently she’s working as cultural advisor (Theater Rotterdam and The Black Archives) and writes essays and poetry.


Francio GuadeloupeSociaal en cultureel antropoloog | Foto: Jan Boeve
Ernestine ComvaliusBestuurder, voormalig directeur Bijlmerparktheater
Lloyd MarengoDanser, choreograaf, | Foto: Thijs Huizer