Amid Afghanistan’s Crises, what to do?

Programme Editor
Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the country has been burdened by famine and a poor economy. Women and minorities are increasingly oppressed and poverty is rapidly increasing. What is left of the Dutch legacy after one year of the Taliban? And is the West taking enough responsibility or aiding amidst this crisis? Human rights activist Zarifa Ghafari and Pulitzer Prize winner, Matthieu Aikins (NY Times) discuss it in Amid Afghanistan’s crises.

Zarifa Ghafari grew up in Afghanistan. At the age of twenty-six, she became the youngest female mayor of the country. After she had to flee, she wrote a book together with Hannah L. Smith about her childhood, a life with the Taliban and her endless struggle, Zarifa: A Woman’s battle in a Man’s World (in Dutch: De strijd van een vrouw in een mannenwereld).

Correspondent for the NY Times and Pulitzer Price winner, Matthieu Aikins lived in the country for eight years. He recently went back and reported on the current state of affairs.


Zarifa GhafariFormer Mayor in Afghanistan, Human Rights Activist
Matthieu AikinsJournalist and author of ‘The Naked Don’t Fear the Water’
Thijs ReutenMember of the European Parliament, PvdA
Ruben BrekelmansMember of the Dutch Parliament, VVD
Hannah Lucinda SmithCo-author of Zarifa: A Woman’s Battle in a Man’s World