Plein Publiek: Louis Hothothot

Programme editor
Every Friday, programme editors from De Balie interview inspiring creatives in the fields ranging from cabaret to literature. Start your weekend with a drink in the Pleinzaal, with a view over Leidseplein. This week our guest is the filmmaker, graphic designer and story listener: Louis Hothothot.

Programme editor Stefan Malešević will be talking with filmmaker Louis Hothothot about his family history and his unique creative process.

Being born as a second child during China’s one-child policy created complicated emotional relationships for Louis, which he resolutely confronted in his debut documentary Four Journeys, the opening film of IDFA 2021.

In his work, the emotional search for personal identity and belonging is intertwined with the broader political and societal implications.

About Louis Hothothot

Louis was born in 1986 in a small town in He Nan province, less than ten years after China introduced draconian fees for families with more than one child. After graduating in graphic design, animation and video at the China Central Academy for Art in Beijing, he moved to the Netherlands in his 20s. He studied at the Dutch Art Institute and Netherlands Film Academy.

His works were exhibited in EYE Film Museum, Dansmakers, the Oostblok Theater… In 2022 his playful, hand-drawn colorful variations on black-and-white film history served as the festival campaign of IDFA 2022, decorating all promotional materials and appearing before each film.

His research deals with the heavy subjects of memory, identity, politics and pain, but Louis describes art as dangerous, passionate and sexy.

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