Sahra Mani on the situation in Afghanistan

Programmamaker & moderator
In 2021 the Taliban seized Kabul when the United States withdrew their forces from Afghanistan. Filmmaker Sahra Mani filmed the experiences from women living in Afghanistan, since the Taliban rose to power. In the documentary Bread and Roses, Mani shows us an intimate and harrowing portrait of what it means to live under the Islamist rule where being a woman means having no voice, rights, education or freedom.

Together with Sahra Mani, Sahar Shirzad and Gatool Katawazi will talk about the current situation and the future of Afghanistan, where a huge famine takes place. A conversation about the women she portrays and their resistance, the impact of living under the rule of the Taliban and the future of Afghanistan.

About Sahra Mani

Sahra Mani is an award-winning Afghan filmmaker. Her documentary Bread and Roses recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It provides a powerful portrayal of the struggles of three women in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s return to power in 2021.

It is a raw, double view of their plight where you see the impact of the loss of basic rights. She is founder of Afghanistan Documentary House and has received a Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking from University of the Arts, London. Her focus has been on creating documentaries about her own country, Afghanistan. Her films include Kaloo School (2013), Beyond the Burka (2014), and A Thousand Girls Like Me (2018).

Sahar Shirzad is a writer, moderator and program maker. She studied International law, specializing in human rights and criminal law. Currently she is an organizer and a moderator for many events that have socially related topics, such as The Refugee Milennial, which is a series where milennials who have also been refugees share their stories.

Gatool Katawazi studied sociology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After that she created programmes for a.o. De Balie, where her main focus was foreign politics and relations. With that, she was also part of the investigative journalism team at De Balie. Right not, Katawazi is working as a journalist for Trouw, a Dutch daily newspaper.


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