The Freedom Lecture: Iranian resistance

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As the world watches, Iranians are taking to the streets to demand change and justice. The courage and determination of these protestors is truly inspiring, and support in their quest for a better future is necessary. To support the women and minorities of Iran, human rights activist Maryam Namazie, announces a revolution by Iranian women. Calling for the overthrow of the Islamic regime and the establishment of a secular society. Niloofar Azimian will give the Freedom Lecture.

Niloofar Azimian is a documentary filmmaker from Iran. Azimian has made two documentary movies in Iran, the first one is a self representative, ego documentary film, focusing on the concept of solitude, the second one focuses on the circle of domestic violence against women in Iran. At the moment she is organizing events Freedom for Iran in different places in the Netherlands. She will engage in conversation with Maryam Namazie, activist and writer, and Ulysse Ellian, member of parliament. Pooyan Tamimi Arab will present the latest facts and figures about the situation at this moment. There will be music from Faravaz Farvardin.

More about the protests

The current protests in Iran began following the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman of Kurdish descent who died in jail after being arrested by police for allegedly wearing her headscarf too loosely. Since then, there have been demonstrations in more than 160 cities, making it the largest wave of protests in years. The Iranian government’s response has been violent, with reports of large numbers of deaths and arrests, including minors and police and security personnel. There are also reports of arbitrary detention, torture, and the use of lethal force against protestors.

The lack of transparency from the Iranian government has made it difficult to know the true extent of the human rights abuses that are taking place. The situation is further complicated by the ongoing economic crisis in the country. The international community is calling for measures to be taken to support the protestors and hold the Iranian government accountable for human rights abuses.

It is important that we use our voices and platforms to amplify the voices of the protestors and to call for international action to support the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

More on the petition

This petition from Iran Freedom Charter (Woman, Life, Freedom) is for the establishment of a secular society where all people have full freedom and equality without discrimination, censorship, or repression. Maryam Namazie also calls for a People’s Congress to be formed to incorporate the demands of the people and make the revolution’s charter a common programme representing the hopes and aspirations of all Iranians in a free Iran.

The Freedom Lecture
Freedom is something that we in the Netherlands often take for granted. Four times a year, De Balie invites someone who knows from personal experience what it means not to be free. We want to share their stories, spread their message, and learn from their struggle. In the series, De Balie has welcomed freedom fighters like Egyptian writer and activist Nawal el Saadawi, Ugandan LGBT activist Frank Mugisha, and Hungarian journalist Veronika Munk.


Ulysse Ellian Tweede Kamerlid VVD
Maryam Namazie#Iran-born Activist & Writer
Pooyan Tamimi ArabAssistant Professor of Religious Studies
Niloofar AzimianDocumentary filmmaker
Faravaz FarvardinOne the youngest woman leaders in her generation who has started to create and perform fusion pieces through western music styles and Iranian folkloric music. She has performed in many music and theater performances as well. She believes she needs to sing to survive.