An evening with Claire-Louise Bennett

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Bennetts writing mixes fiction and essays, fantasy and experience. You could say her books are the answer to the question of how to capture life and put it directly on paper. She approaches and grasps the lived experience. During this evening, we will speak with Claire-Louise Bennett about her writing. Writers Saskia de Coster and Maartje Wortel will write something for this evening in reaction to Bennetts work and they will join in conversation.

Claire-Louise Bennett is known and praised for her unique way of writing. In 2015, her playful, lyrical and highly acclaimed debut Pond was published. In 2021, her book Checkout 19 appeared, in which a woman revisits the moments that shaped her life.

Her writing has enchanted readers all over the world and takes you into the complexities of the human and relational experience, social class, the self, writing and reading, words and their meaning. For Checkout 19 she will receive the European Literature Prize 2023.

About the speakers

Saskia de Coster is the author of an extraordinary oeuvre. Her work has been translated into more than ten languages. Her novel Nachtouders (2019) was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize 2020. Last May her novel Net Echt came out. In this novel she let’s life and fiction intertwine.

Maartje Wortel was born in Eemnes. She got expelled from the School for Journalism for making up too much. She has now become one of the most characteristic voices of her generation. Her debut Dit is jouw huis received the Anton Wachter Prize. Her lastest novel is called Dennie is een star. She is currently working on a her first philosophical musical that will premier in January 2024 at Orkater.


Claire-Louise BennettWriter(Photo: Mark Walsh)
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