A closer look at Sudan and South-Sudan: The new generation

Sophie Rutenfrans
in samenwerking met
Het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
What are the challenges in Sudan and South Sudan, and what are the ideas of the new generation for their countries? In this programme, we will talk about the current issues in both countries with young ambitious people from both South-Sudan and Sudan, our two Dutch ambassadors in both countries, the Dutch ambassador for Youth, Work and Education other experts about the relationship between the EU, the Netherlands, Sudan, and South Sudan.

South Sudan forms part of a ‘ring of fire’ encircling the globe where climate shocks, conflict, COVID-19, and rising costs are driving millions closer to starvation, said the UN emergency food relief agency. In Sudan, people have taken to the streets for democracy since the military coup of 2021. Despite shooting at civilians and using tear gas to put down the protests, the population continues to demonstrate.

Grace Aguil Garang from South Sudan and Rawan Raad from Sudan are two passionate young people who want to bring about change in their country. How does it feel for people under 30 to be the vast majority in numbers but not in power, and how do they try to gain influence? Can the younger generation bring about real change? Can they regain control of their future?

During this program they will talk to Irma van Dueren and Jelte van Wieren, our ambassadors in Sudan and South Sudan and Tijmen Rooseboom, ambassador for Youth, Education and Work.

Rocky Hehakaija, director of the Favela Street Foundation shares with us her experiences with her foundation in Sudan.

Kiza Magendane, author and publicist will share his perspective on the geopolitical situation: how are the EU and the Netherlands involved in both countries and what is there to gain for all parties?


Grace Aguil GarangMember of the Youth Advisory Committee for South-Sudan. Founder and Managing Director at BEATec Hub, an incubator working to support Youth Led start-ups and enterprises
Rawan RaadMember of the Youth Advisory Committee for Sudan. Advocate for SRHR and serves in multiple youth-led organizations and networks to advocate for meaningful engagement of young people in decision making.
Irma van DuerenDutch ambassador in Sudan
Jelte van WierenDutch ambassador in South-Sudan
Rocky HehakaijaDirector of the Favela Street Foundation
Kiza MagendaneAuthor and publicist
Tijmen RooseboomAmbassador for Youth, Work and Education
Nico PlooijerPolicy advisor Sudan and South-Sudan Pax