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The War against Ukraine

programme editor
After almost two years of conflict, the world seems to have gotten used to the war in Ukraine. How is President Zelensky managing to garner international support, encompassing military, diplomatic, and financial aspects?

In early November, the European Commission proposed opening negotiations for Ukraine’s potential membership in the Union – a long-cherished goal for the country, which also aspires to join NATO. This program will feature experts discussing the evolution of international support and Ukraine’s efforts to solidify its alliances.

About 'The war against Ukraine' series

With this three-part programme series, which is partially funded by NATO, we want to provide in-depth analysis of current affairs and facilitate nuanced debate, thus making complex material accessible. How have Russian-Western relations changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, how does Russia view its relations with former Soviet States, and what motivates the EU, NATO and the USA? What are the consequences of the hybrid forms of warfare? Such as cyber- and psychological warfare, and economic sanctions.

To understand the current state of affairs, The War against Ukraine series will focus on the larger historical, societal and cultural context.


Andriy Korniychuk Analyst specialized in Ukraine – EU relations
Jelle BaartmansRaam op Rusland
Floris Akkerman
Floris AkkermanJournalist (online)